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A few weeks ago I blogged about Google's Street View. Have you had a chance to use Street View? What do you think of this feature?

I'm working on  a story about Street View that is planned to run in Sunday's paper, I'd like to hear from you. You can contact me via e-mail or call me at 580-6516.

Here's a copy of my blog about Street View:

Google's Street View is a feature that combines photos with Google Maps, so you can virtually navigate through a city. This feature has been around since 2007, but it was just a few weeks ago when it was made live for the Victoria area.

I have used Street View in the past when traveling to larger cities to get an idea of where I am supposed to go. In that regard, it can be very helpful.

Street View has not existed without controversy, with many concerned about privacy and other issues.

To use Street View, go to, click on Maps and type in an address. You will see the street view icon on the map, it is right above the zoom navigation tool. The icon looks like a person (Pegman), and you can drag the icon to the street you want to view. If the street is outlined in blue, there are images available for viewing and you can see a 360 degree view of the streets.

Here is a sample of a Street View image, the Victoria Advocate building:

By the mall (before that Sonic closed)

I'm working on an article about Street View, and would like to include how this can be used by local business or agencies.

Have you used Street View before? Do you know anyone that would use to promote their business (real estate agents, contractors, architects, etc.)?