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Yesterday I blogged about photos of a grass fire posted to our Seen on the Scene feature. We wondered who took these photographs. We even used the photos in today's story about the county cracking down on burn ban violators.

Now, the rest of the story.

Our editor Chris Cobler received an e-mail from the person who took those photos. The photos were taken by Amy Segler, an employee of BHP Engineering & Construction. If you look closely in the first photo you can see the BHP sign.

Segler said in her e-mail that a coworker noticed a fire directly outside their building. Sixteen employees ran out of the building and moved their cars to the side of the highway. Segler said they were able to feel the intense heat from the wall of flames as they ran from the building to their vehicles. When the employees returned to work they saw heat damage on the front of the building and the offices were filled with smoke fumes. The Telferner fire department was able to get the fire under control.

We would like to thank Amy for taking these photos. Thanks also go out to her coworker for posting them online.

You can see all the photos by clicking here: Seen on the Scene

If you have photos of breaking news events, we encourage you to submit them to Seen on the Scene. We often look at the photos submitted and may use them in stories or feature them in the paper.