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For those of you wondering where I've been for the last couple of weeks (All two of you that is, hi Mom and Dad!), I've been away. Far away. I've been away on vacation in Germany, and have also been spending time with family and friends in the Northeastern United States.

I've enjoyed getting away from the dreadful heat in Texas. I think the highest temp I experienced was 85 degrees in Rudesheim, Germany. These few last days will be spent in New York City, then we begin the journey back to Texas.

This trip was amazing and thanks to the wonders of technology, these experiences will be uploaded to the deep recesses of my mind, and my external hard drive. I'll write more about that on my next entry, the gadgets I brought along, as well as some tips for traveling with tech.

Here's a photo I took while in Brooklyn, I'll share more photos from my travels in future posts. Auf wiedersehen!