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I've received several messages and have seen several comments about the drop down ad on our site. It seems the ad drops down the page when refreshing the page or going to another section.

Is anyone still having this issue?

This ad is meant to only drop down once in a 24-hour period, but many (including me) have seen it drop down more than that.

Not sure of the exact cause, but what I did was clear out the cookies in my web browser, and from then on the ad just rolled down once. I'm using Firefox (didn't have the issue with the ad in Internet Explorer).

If you don't want to get rid of all your cookies (some people are particular about their cookies, I myself prefer Oreos. Oops, wrong kind of cookie!), the specific cookie to remove is found in the domain and is called “BillboardSeen."

To remove that cookie, in Firefox you go to:




Cookies, click on Show Cookies

Scroll down to find

Click on the cookie named "BillboardSeen"

Click on Remove Cookie

Click on Close

If you still see that ad rolling down more than once a day, you may have a toolbar installed that is blocking the cookies (Yahoo or Google). If you are still having problems, send me a message at or give me a call at 580-6516. I'll be happy to help you out.