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I've been away for a while (first vacation, then illness), but I'm back and ready to discuss the latest in tech-related news.

Here are some recent headlines that caught my eye:

Apple fixes iPhone SMS flaw - A security flaw which would allow hackers to take control of the iPhone has been fixed with the release of the iPhone 3.0.1 update.

Microsoft announces pricing for Windows 7 family pack - Prices for Windows 7 family pack were confirmed at $149.

Should journalists should be on Twitter? - The New York Times Insight Lab asks its members if NYT journalists and editors should be on Twitter. The results? Seventy percent said no.

That's one hot iPhone! - Entry on a Dutch blog claims an iPhone 3G melts a car seat.

It's getting hot in here! Source:

Have a great weekend! Keep yourselves (and your iPhones) cool!