Blogs » Digital Babble » Forget the iPhone 3G S, it's all about the Zach Morris Phone


Who needs voice control, an internal compass or video recording when you can get this gem of a phone?


I'm talking about the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X, aka the "Zach Morris Phone," which could double as a weapon or a nice bookend.

I'll be searching eBay for this piece of analog hotness.


The DynaTac 8000X was the first phone to receive FCC approval in 1983, the same year Microsoft Word was first released, the final episode of MAS*H aired and the year "Thriller" was broadcast for the first time...leading to many years of embarrassing line dances at weddings and graduation parties. [Source: Wikipedia]

That image of Zach, er, I mean Mark-Paul Gosselaar is from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, where it seems a "Saved by the Bell" reunion was discussed.

Click below to watch a video clip from the show:

Photos courtesy of Gizmodo and Wikipedia