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Image When I hear of search engines the word that comes to mind is Google. Should we also add Twitter to this group?

Twitter is a micro-blogging site that allows users to send updates in 140 characters or less. Today over on Michael Arrington wrote about Twitter's power as a search engine.

At a dinner tonight with a friend the conversation turned to Twitter. He just didn’t get it, and he’s certainly not the first person to tell me that. Specifically, my friend didn’t understand the massive valuation ($250 million or more) that Twitter won in its recent funding. I told him why I thought it was more than justified: Twitter is, more than anything, a search engine.

I told him what I thought of Twitter as a micro-blogging service: it’s a collection of emotional grunts. But it’s wonderful nonetheless. And enough people are hooked on it that Twitter has reached critical mass. If something big is going on in the world, you can get information about it from Twitter.


You can find information on just about anything on Twitter. To search on Twitter you go to Type in the word or topic you want to look up and you will get back your results, which are tweets, or posts, from others on Twitter. I use this search when trying to find out if a certain Web site is down, a service is down (AT&T) or to look up breaking news items. It has been a great tool for me.