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The day has finally arrived and you now can see our new Web site.

Yes, as you may notice, we are experiencing some technical difficulties today. We appreciate your patience as we work out these issues.

If you have any questions, let us know, either by commenting here on my blog, or by submitting your comments via our Feedback form, found at the bottom of this page on the "Send us your feedback" link.


A few things you may notice are some navigation changes. For a list of these changes be sure to click on the breaking news item at the top of the home page.


Your blog posts should have transferred over. If you click on the link to your blog title, that should take you to a page with a listing of all your blog entries. If you do not see them, please let us know.

You can see that our blogs are now organized into staff and reader blogs. Click on the Blogs section to see the subsections which include: Latest, Staff blogs, Reader blogs, All Blogs, Groups.

We now blog groups, you can categorize your blogs into one of these groups: Community news, Entertainment, Faith, General, Politics, Sports and Technology.

Need help posting a blog? Click on the Blog Tips subsection found under Blogs.

Submitting photos

Click on the Photos & Videos section and click on the Upload a Photo sub section. Type in a title for the photo, date photo was taken, name (credit) of person who took photo, browse to select photo from your computer, and then type in a caption.

I'll keep updating this blog throughout the day with any updates.