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I have always wanted to try geocaching ever since I first heard about it years ago. I mean, who doesn't like a good treasure hunt every now and then?

What is it?

The purpose of geocaching is to hide and search for "geocaches" or "caches" anywhere in the world with the assistance of a GPS. The caches contain trinkets or goodies and a logbook. Geocachers can take objects from the cache as long as they leave something of similar or higher value in its place for the next person. The logbook has information about the owner of the cache and visitors can leave notes.

Why do it?

Geocaching is a fun activity for all ages, and is a great opportunity for children to learn about latitude and longitude. It also gives us all the chance to learn more about our surroundings, not to mention get out and get some exercise.

What do you need?

A GPS is handy to search for geocaches, and many GPS models allow you download and track caches to your device. If you have a GPS-enabled phone you can also use it. There is an iPhone app ($9.99 in the App Store) called Geocaching. You don't necessarily need a GPS for geocaching, you can search for locations by latitude and longitude on Google Maps to get an idea of where a cache is located.

Geocaching app for iPhone

I'll keep you updated on my own geocaching experience, and would appreciate any feedback or tips from any of you with experience in this activity.

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Map of caches in Victoria

I found this map on Geocaching map - Victoria