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Time magazine (yes, they are still around) recently released a list of the 10 Biggest Tech Failures of the Last Decade.

Time said that to make the list a product had to:

(1) to be widely recognized and widely available to customers,(2) had to be aimed at a large global market,(3) had to be technologically equal to or superior to its competition, (4) had to be a product or new company that had the possibility of bringing in billions of dollars in revenue based on the sales of similar or competing products, and (5) it had to clearly miss the mark of living up to the potential that its creators expected, and that the public and press were lead to believe was possible.

Now on to the list, here are the items, in no particular order:

Microsoft Vista





Sirius XM

Microsoft Zune




Surprised by the list? I have to say some of the items listed are pretty obvious (cough) Vista, the Zune (cough) but while others may seem popular and used by many, like YouTube, it all comes down to money.

From the Times article online:

The New York Times recently wrote that "while YouTube, along with other new media properties like MySpace, Facebook and Twitter, is seen as leading the challenge against traditional media companies, the company itself is struggling to profit from its digital popularity." YouTube is big, but that has not made it a success.

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