Blogs » Digital Babble » Tech bytes for Thursday: Hulu on your desktop, ride the Wave and Bada Bing


Today we had several announcements related to new technology. Here is a brief rundown.

Hulu Desktop revealed
The Hulu Desktop is hailed as a "lean-back viewing experience for your personal computer." The app allows you to watch videos without having to use a web browser. You can use it with standard Windows Media Center remote controls or Apple remote controls. The software is available for both PCs and Macs. I installed it and so far I like what I see. Click here for more information: - Hulu Desktop


Ba-da Bing! Microsoft updates search engine\
Today Microsoft announced their re-vamped search engine named "Bing." This search engine will replace Microsoft's Live Search. Bing is expected to go public on June 3, but users may get Bing search results from Live Search starting June 1. Take a look at a demo of Bing here: Bing, From Microsoft. [Source:]

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Riding the Google Wave
And finally, Google today introduced us to their latest service. Google Wave is a communication and collaboration tool that melds e-mail, instant messaging, and file sharing all into one shiny, happy place. You can read more about Google Wave here on Google's official blog.