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I'm back! Hope you didn't cry too much while I was gone (like anyone knew I was gone). I'm sure a few parties were organized in honor of my absence, hope you saved me some cake!

Tech news you should read:

AT&T's iPhone MMS Carrier Update Is Live - Finally!

Could iPhone MMS crash AT&T's network? - Let's hope not.

Learn to fold origami with a little online help - Finally, I can master the paper crane...or can I?

Map shows distribution of McDonald's in the United States - How many miles to the nearest McRib?

FeedFliks shows if you are a Netflix hog - Keeping that first season of CHiPs for six months was probably not a good idea.

Russian Cybergangs Make the Web a Dangerous Place - неприемлемо

Idaho: Spam magnet? - [Insert spam and potato joke here]

And for all one of you who missed me, thanks for reading. Was sidelined for a while due to illness, but I'm doing better. Hope to get started on some cool projects for this Web site soon, I'll keep you updated.