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Notice anything new? Over the weekend our web department updated

You may have noticed one of the updates, the search bar on our home page. You can now click on the "Advanced" link and search by keyword for a specific category. For example, you can search through photos, comments, blogs, stories, etc., using this "Advanced" search option.

In addition to searching our site, you can search the Google archives for older stories from the Victoria Advocate (this archive search was also active before the upgrade).

I will note that there are still enhancements being done to this search feature. So if you are experiencing problems with your searches I would recommend reporting the issues using the Feedback tab seen at the left side of the homepage. Look to your left, you can't miss that tab. ;)

The new Feedback feature is another new item launched by our digital department team in an effort to respond to any technical issues with our Web site. Take some time to look at the issues posted and post your own if you want. Some of us on staff have already posted a few technical issues we have found, you can read that feedback here:

Get Satisfaction:

Note: This feedback feature is not a replacement for the comments section found on the blogs and stories. Anyone with a question or comment about a story can still post under the comments section. Anyone with a news question should contact the newsroom at 361-574-1222 or at