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A lot of tech news this week! From the iPad launch over the weekend, to the announcement of the new iPhone OS today, a little something for everyone.

Here are the links:

iPhone OS 4 unveiled - Features include multitasking(depending on the version of your phone), app folders, iBooks.

Twitter for Blackberry - App will be available tonight.

Apple unveils iAd platform - iPad sales still look strong

Iowa, Texas tops in wind power efforts - Texas has the most wind power capacity of any U.S. state.

The end of an era - Is this the end of the Mac vs. PC commercials?

Ebooks good for dyslexics? - Some anecdotal evidence suggests that reading on small screen devices like the iPhone might be easier for dyslexics. (I have noticed it is easier for me to read on my iPhone. Would like to read more research on this topic.)