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Here's the latest in tech news today:

Twitter has been having some issues this afternoon.
The Twitter status blog shows the following message:

We’re currently experiencing a high error rate on Twitter. Our infrastructure and operations engineers are responding to the incident.

Arcade Fire live on YouTube
Tonight at 10 p.m. ET, you can watch an entire Arcade Fire show streamed live from Madison Square Garden in New York City. Click here to watch: Arcade Fire Unstaged

Microsoft to release record number of patches
On Tuesday, Microsoft is expected to release "14 security bulletins on Tuesday to plug 34 holes, including eight that are critical, in Windows, Office, Internet Explorer, SQL and Silverlight." [Source:]

Google Waves goodbye
The confusing experiment that was Google Wave is no more. Google announced on their blog that they would no longer develop the tool that was supposed to revolutionize communication and collaboration. According to Google, they did not see "the user adoption" they would have liked.

Keyboard strikes you!
There is a certain technique to throwing a keyboard long distances, use it or else this may happen: