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These folks know how to Excel
Who knew such a contest existed? More than 115,000 people (mostly students) entered the Worldwide Competition on Microsoft Office. The top contenders competed this week in Park City, Utah. The winners in each of the four categories (Word 2003, Word 2007, Excel 2003, and Excel 2007) received a $6,500 scholarship. This was the sixth year for the competition, with students from around the world participating.


On hand to witness this year's competition was Microsoft Office VP Takeshi Numoto, who took the certification exam for the first time at the event. He passed, but says there were some tough parts, such as handling a complex e-mail merge in word. [Source and image from:]

Is there a competition on the quickest way to zap that little Office paper clip dude? I'd totally win at that. Or how about best Microsoft Paint drawing?
Art by CJ. You know you're jealous.

Sam's Club to offer free WiFi


Now you can walk around looking for free food samples (do they still do that?) and use the Internet at Sam's too. Sam's Club is working with AT&T to add free WiFi to all its stores by November. [Source:]

Laser backpack!
Lasers! Researchers at UC Berkley have created a room-scanning backpack, which has cameras and lasers. The backpack can map an interior and generate a 3D model. Did I mention lasers?!

The pack contains a suite of laser scanners and positional sensors that enable it to capture images of building interiors as a fleshy assistant roams their halls. Those images can then be automatically pieced back together to create a 3D representation. [Source:]