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Spam in your inbox!
Looking at the state of my inbox right now, this is no surprise. According to a new report from Symantec, "92-percent of all e-mails sent across the Web today consist of spam, up from 89-percent one year ago." Did you read that? Up 89 percent?

Spam, spam, spam!

I also found it interesting how the spam messages have changed over the last year:

A year ago, most spam subject lines were related to Barack Obama or Michael Jackson; In June of '10, the World Cup dominated, with BP-related subjects repeatedly popping up during July.

On the bright side, phishing attacks have gone down by 5 percent this year. So there's that. [Source:]

Awesome office prank by SEGA
How many of you returned to work after vacation, only to find your work space covered in Post-it notes, wrapped in foil or smothered in butter? (Maybe that last one was made up...or is it?)

Check out this cool office prank done by employees at Sega:


Report issues in your city with CitySourced
Problem with road flooding? Street light out? CitySourced is a website and mobile application for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry that helps you report issues in your city and get the word out. [Source:]

Finally, have you seen this Twitter-themed parody of the "Social Network" movie trailer? (Does that even make sense?) Anyway, here it is...

P.S. - the screenshot makes it look like this video will be scary and gory. It's not.

Have a good weekend!