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This is pretty neat. You know how when you type in a search in Google and it autocompletes the result for you? (No? Pretend you do.) Someone looked up all of the state names on Google and made a map of what the autocomplete suggestions were. You can view the complete map on [Source:]


The Polaroid camera is back! Sort of. The people behind Impossible Project and Photojojo have restored the SX-70, the Rainbow OneStep, and the Sun 660 Sonar Polaroid cameras. Prices start at $200, so they aren't cheap. [Source:]


Going back to Google for a moment. Yesterday they revealed their first ever Chrome OS laptop, the Cr-48. In case you were wondering:

The "Cr-48" refers to an isotope of the material chromium, there's no logo and no design frills on the laptop itself, and it only comes in black. [Source:]

No word on pricing yet. If you are eager to try out the laptop you can sign up for Google's Chrome OS Pilot Program. A a limited number of the laptops will be available through the program.

Specs on the Cr-48 are:
12.1-inch screen. Full size keyboard. Oversized clickpad. Qualcomm Gobi 3G chip for Verizon data in the US. 802.11n dual-band WiFi. 8+ hours of active use. 8+ days of standby. Webcam. * Flash storage.

The Chrome Web store also went live yesterday. Right now it seems most apps are links to websites, but the future of the store is promising. Click here to read more about the Chrome OS.