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Twitter reset passwords for an unknown amount of users Tuesday after private information was compromised by hackers.

In a blog entry posted by Del Harvey, director of Trust and Safety at Twitter, he wrote:

As part of our ongoing efforts to monitor our user base for odd activity, we noticed a sudden surge in followers for a couple accounts in the last five days. Given the circumstances surrounding this, we felt it was best to push out a password reset to accounts that were following these suspicious users.

It appears this scam was started by a creator of a torrent Web site. The person would build torrent sites and forums with the purpose of selling them. However, the buyers had no idea of the security holes in the sites, so when they signed in, the hackers had access to all their login information.

"These sites came with a little extra--security exploits and backdoors throughout the system," Harvey said. "This person then waited for the forums and sites to get popular and then used those exploits to get access to the username, email address, and password of every person who had signed up."

For information on how to keep your Twitter account safe, visit this page created by Twitter.


German man saved by webcam viewer

A woman watching the sunset on a webcam spotted a man on the frozen North sea, and alerted authorities, saving the man's life.

Unable to locate the beach, the man began using his camera to flash for help. That got the attention of a woman hundreds of miles (kilometers) away in southern Germany who was watching the sunset over the sea on her computer. The woman contacted police, who located the man's signals and guided him into shore by flashing their car lights. Officiers then lectured him on the dangers of trekking on the ice. [Source: Yahoo!]