Blogs » Digital Babble » New feature on our site: Search alerts


We have just released a new feature available to registered users of search alerts.

To create a search alert, type in the keywords in the search box, then click on the Search button.


After the search is conducted, scroll down to the bottom of the page of your search results, and you will see an option to create a search alert.

Click to create your search alert, and you will get to select where you want the alerts to go: your e-mail, cell phone or RSS feed. You can also choose the content to be included in your search alert (stories, comments, photos, etc.).

We send out alerts once a day, at 9 a.m. Central Standard Time. These searches apply only to new content from the day you sign up for the alert. So you won't be getting alerts for articles from last week, etc.

Once you create a search alert, you can go back and edit or delete it at any time. You can also create various search alerts and manage them from the "Search Alert" option on your profile page.

Happy searching!