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Today is the day many have been waiting for, Apple's World Wide Developers Conference. What will Steve Jobs and his crew surprise us with this year?

Well one thing we can all expect, which may not be a surprise now thanks to Gizmodo, is a new iPhone. So now we will have to wait and find out the official details on the new iPhone, which some have rumored will be called the iPhone HD.

There are a lot of rumors about what will be announced at WWDC today, here's a list:

Safari 5 - Faster than Safari 4, new JavaScript engine and increased HTML 5 support [Source:]

Free Mobile Me - Rumors have been floating around that the $99-a-year subscription fee could go away. [Source: Boy Genius Report]

iChat for the iPhone - iChat has been rumored for a while, evidence of the front facing camera on the new iPhone has many thinking this may be a possibility. [Source:]

Upgrade of Mac minis - Could a dwindling supply of the current line mean an upgrade is on the way? [Source:]

Magic Track pad - Possible multitouch trackpad peripheral from Apple. [Source:]

Below are some sites that will be liveblogging WWDC and you can also follow the hashtag #WWDC on Twitter. WWDC begins at 10 a.m. PT, 12 p.m.




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