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Photo credit: Customers line up for the iPhone 4 in Tampa, FL.

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The iPhone 4 has finally arrived in stores and many who have pre-ordered should expect them to be shipped today.

Some customers who pre-ordered received a nice surprise and received their iPhones a few days ahead of the official launch date. This means reviews of the iPhone 4 have been popping up online like wildfire.

Lines have been forming since yesterday, or even earlier, across the nation as people eager to purchase the iPhone 4 line up at Apple stores and other retailers across the nation.

Locally, there are not too many options for consumers to pick up an iPhone 4 today if you haven't pre-ordered. Walmart has a very limited supply and Best Buy didn't expect to have any in stock, but did say to call the store to check on availability. AT&T will have the iPhone 4, for those who didn't pre-order, in their store on June 29.

Has anyone received their iPhone? What are your first impressions?

I am still deciding when or if I will upgrade my iPhone. Currently I have the iPhone 3G, the second generation of the phone. My iPhone has performed well during the two years I've owned it, but the last six months it's been sluggish and crashes unexpectedly. I'm probably due for an upgrade. If I do decide to make the plunge, I wanted to get the white version of the iPhone 4, however Apple announced that they will not be available until the second half of July. Apple said that the white version of the iPhone 4 has "proven more challenging to manufacture than expected."

Stay tuned to my blog for more updates today on the launch of the iPhone 4.

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Update - 9:29 a.m.
Some owners are experiencing problems with the antenna on the iPhone 4. Anyone else having this issue? Read more: IPhone 4 Loses Reception When Antenna Band is Touched

Update - 10:25 a.m.
And it starts. The first photos of dropped iPhones are started to show up online.

The back of it completely shattered. I’m convinced that this will be the first of many broken iPhone 4s. It appears to be functioning correctly but the glass needs to be replaced. At the Genius Bar they said they don’t have any replacement phones or parts yet and we had to make an appt for Friday (they still don’t have any insight into procedures for this situation but said to come in anyway). Hopefully they replace it for free. I’ve dropped my 3g from far higher without causing any breaks. This was the damage after about a foot fall. [Source:]


Update - 11:26 a.m. has a large collection of user videos documenting the connectivity issue with the antenna band on the iPhone 4. [Thanks to KyleC for the link!]

Could this be the reason Apple also released the Bumper cases to go with the iPhone 4? Some customers calling Apple support regarding reception issues are being told to purchase bumpers:

Their answer? "Get a bumper" and "it's not their problem". I told the CSR that if their solution is to buy a bumper, why aren't they giving them out for free? Again, she said not her problem. Quite an infuriating call - while I sympathize with the verbal beat-down that many of the Apple CSRs will be getting over this problem, they need a better solution than to recommend fixing the problem with their own rubber cases... [Source:]