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Who else is a huge fan of For those of you who have never visited this awesome sanctuary of online video (I also hear pagers are all the rage), Hulu is a website where you can go watch your favorite TV shows after they have aired. Who's up for an online marathon of "What's Happening?"

Today Hulu announced an update to their video player on their blog. They then took the blog entry down, so we can only wait and see when the new player will show up.

According to the folks at Hulu, the project to upgrade the video player, "Project Voltran" named after the 80's animated series , had one goal in mind, "to elevate the experience of watching videos on Hulu." The new video player will be 720 by 404 pixels.

So what's new with the video player?

*Adaptive Bitrate Streaming
This means the video will now adjust to match your bandwidth, so less buffering! So perhaps you won't have this happen to you: SNL - Bobby on YouTube

*Seek Preview
Hover your mouse cursor on the player timeline, and see a preview thumbnail of that spot in the video.


*Closed Captioning Display
There are now two new display options: original white text or yellow text on a solid black background.


There are several more features that should be coming soon, once the new player is launched. For more details check out the photo gallery here on Flickr: Hulu Site features