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Yesterday details on Google's next big thing, Google TV, were revealed. It's been five months since Google first introduced the idea of this new feature and now we know more about it.

Over on the Google blog, Google TV is described as "a platform that combines your current TV programming and the open web into a single, seamless entertainment experience."

Google TV is a service based on the Android platform that allows you to search for video content on the web...on your TV. So you can search for a TV program and then view it from one of the participating providers, such as Netflix, Amazon on Demand, TNT or TBS. Specialized content will also be available from Cartoon Network, CNBC, HBO Go. Pandora, Twitter and the NBA. Excited yet?

Does flinging content at your TV excite you? You can use your phone to find photos, videos or websites and then "fling" it at the TV screen, which then will display the content for your friends or family to view.

Google TV will also work with Dish Network to search for listings, and can be programmed to record to a DVR. [Source:] When Google TV is launched, sometime this month, it will be available on Sony TVs or a Logitech box. No word yet on pricing. Logitech will announce their Google TV lineup on Oct. 6.

Logitech Revue for Google TV.

To find out more about Google TV, visit site or watch the video below.

I am seriously considering Google TV for my own use. I had considered purchasing the new Apple TV, especially for the price of $99, but these features from Google are very tempting.

Anyone else waiting for Google TV?