• I am a hobbyist, and experiment in depth with

    new tv stuff

    the newest being internet tv

    I have an Asus Nettop, Vunow pod,LG BD370 connected Blu-Ray

    I have had apple tv,popcorn hour, and others.

    I waited excitedly for the Google Revue, but after reading

    in depth review, have found that my Nettop is much more
    effective for viewing vast amounts of programming

    If a Nettop represents the most open option for its configurability and its access to the unfettered Web, and a PlayStation 3 offers the most powerful hardware with its Blu-ray drive and gaming capabilities, the Revue falls somewhere in the middle. Like many Nettops, it has no optical drive. Like the PlayStation 3, the Revue lacks the greater software and peripheral device flexibility of a traditional Windows-based computer.

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    October 8, 2010 at 7:59 p.m.