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We've been warned about taking necessary precautions before digging in the ground, to be sure we don't hit an underground power line, gas line, or something else that could be hazardous.

Well, seems a Georgian woman's quest for scrap metal left the country of Armenia, and parts of Georgia, without Internet for several hours last month. [Source:]

Aishtan Shakarian, who is 75-years-old, lives in a small village near Georgian capital Tbilisi. She confessed to damaging a cable belonging to Georgian Railway Telecom while looking for copper near the Georgian village of Ksani, according to Azerbaijan's

The Internet cable she damaged provides 90 percent of Armenia's Internet access and affected thousands of businesses and residents in Georgia and Armenia.

Nearly all of Armenia was without Internet access on March 28 and customers of one of the largest Georgian Internet service providers, Caucasus Online, also lost access for nearly five hours, according to Bloomberg. The woman was arrested by Georgian authorities and charged with property damage, the news agency reported Wednesday. She was "temporarily released due to her old age" on the day of the incident, Bloomberg quoted Georgian Interior Ministry spokesman Zurab Gvenetadze as saying. [Source:]

According to a report on, "scrap metal is a staple export for Georgia and scavengers have been known to steal the lids from communications wells, and to strip electricity lines in the search for metal they can sell to exporters."

"This is not the first time someone has been digging potatoes or searching for copper in Georgia and damaged our cable," one Armenian information security expert, Samvel Martirosian said to the Armenian service of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. The same cable was damaged last year, although the cause of that outage wasn't specified at the time. [Source: report on]

Be careful when digging for potatoes.