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I was never good at playing rock-paper-scissors. Frankly, I thought the game to be a bit boring. The New York Times has me playing the game again, but now with a modern twist. Over on The Times' website, the Science section, is an online version of Rock-paper-scissors.

Your opponent is a computer, featured in the game as a robotic hand. As you keep on playing the game "over time it (the computer) can exploit a person's tendencies and patterns to gain an advantage over its opponent." Sounds creepy, but in a sci-fi, Hal 9000 kinda way. [Via:]

Here is the link to the game: Rock-Paper-Scissors: You vs. the Computer
So much for work productivity today.

Wimbledon in 3D
It's been reported that for the first time ever, this year's Wimbledon will be filmed in 3D. The men's semifinals and men's and women's finals will be shown live by 3-D-capable movie theaters around the world. [Via: NBC Sports]

And in creepy robot news, a group of researchers in Denmark have created a realistic looking robot. Geminoid DK worked with Professor Henrik Scharfe and created a robot that looks exactly like Scharfe. Really. [Via:, Techland]

If you aren't afraid of realistic-looking robots that are sorta creepy, check out the video below: