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It's happened to the best of us. Your hard drive crashes and, oops, looks like you never got around to saving your important files elsewhere. After calling up your cousin "who works with computers" to see if there is any hope left, you try everything suggested, even putting the hard drive in the freezer. But soon you are left disappointed and without those precious photos of your cat Mittens...and that eight-page essay you wrote about ham.

World Backup Day was "created to spread awareness and to get those who have never backed up data to start." If you visit the official website at, you will find some ideas on how to backup your data using USB drives, external hard drives, CDs or DVDs or online services. also has various suggestions on how to protect your precious data:

Why World Backup Day? Unfortunately, it's necessary, as BackBlaze pointed out during Backup Awareness Month last year, with only 8 percent of those surveyed backing up their data daily. Hard drives and other storage, every single device, will fail at some point, and will never provide a fair warning about it. So find a way to put your data in two extra places: one convenient and nearby, another far away from your house or office.

What process do you use to backup your files?

I use the Time Machine backup tool on my Mac, and an external hard drive to save files. I also keep things on CDs. However, I am looking into some of the more popular online services such as Backblaze and Carbonite. Hey, these short stories about ham aren't going to save themselves.