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Updated:Here's what Apple revealed today at WWDC:

New Mac Pros- They are totally tubular! New design, cylindrical shape and packs a punch with an "Intel Xeon CPU, faster 1866GHz RAM, and new SSD storage that's 2.5 times faster than current SSD drives."

iOS 7 - Will arrive this fall for iPhone 4 and up, iPad 2 and up. The designs on the updated mobile operating system are new, flatter and cleaner, as rumored. In addition to a new design, iOS 7 comes with 10 new features, including "Control Center, which lets you access settings by swiping up from the bottom." Siri is getting an upgrade as well. The update to Siri includes new voices, a male or female voice option in English, French and German.

OS X Mavericks - The newest addition to Apple's Mac operation system, Mavericks, puts an end to the reign of cat-related names (Leopard, Lion, Tiger). It will be released this fall, and the new OS includes enhancements such as tags, finder tabs and upgraded multiple display support.

iTunes Radio - The streaming music service, to be released this fall, joins the ranks of similar services such as Pandora and Spotify. iTunes Radio will come with over 200 channels, and is ad-supported.

UPDATE: 12:09 PM
Tim Cook on stage now.
Note: I'm watching Apple's official livestream on my iPhone. Go here to watch:

UPDATE: 11: 33 a.m.
ZDNet is reporting that in addition to streaming today's WWDC keynote live on Apple TV and, the live stream will also be available on Apple's free WWDC app for iOS.

Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference starts up this morning in San Francisco in a few hours. After all the rumors and speculation building up to this moment, we'll finally see what Tim Cook and his crew have for us today.

Announcements expected
- updates to iOS7, including changes in design
- OS X 10.9, Apple's operating system for Macs is expected to be announced
- Macbook Pro and MacBook Air are expected to receive updates including new Haswell processors
-A new streaming music service

What you may not see
Not many are expecting to see any new iPhones or iPads announced this time around, since those are usually announced in the fall. But you never know what will happen once that "One more thing" moment comes around today.

The keynote begins at 10 a.m. PST, 12 p.m. CST.

I'll update this blog with updates from WWDC.

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