"Brangalina", "Bennifer", and now "Martinagan"?? (or is it "Hagartinez"?)

This District 4 Councilman race has been something of a hot topic! I have found that these two have a very different approach within their campaigns. One is using strategy, while the other relies on stratagem.

EXAMPLE: The incumbent's idea of self-promotion involves insults toward his district voters and expressing desperation for assistance now that he is being challenged. Hardly worthy of keeping his seat. All the while, his contender continues to make his way through neighborhoods and introduce himself as the community leader some know him to be.

I applaud Martinez and hope that the results will match his efforts. However, Hagan...where the heck does he get off insulting the general population of Victoria, TX?!?

Is THIS the "trouble" Hagan has gotten himself into (or, only the tip of the iceberg)? WHY does someone like Hagan, who suggests that "...some in our city who are self-serving and do not desire a city government that is responsible or accountable to its citizens and are seeking to replace him [Hagan] with another candidate..." deserve to be re-elected????

Exactly, HOW does flinging insults to potential voters equal a "pro-active re-election campaign"???? This Hagan is losing ground by the second. Several more votes for Martinez!