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Image I don't think it ever crossed our minds that we would ever be land locked out of our property,or think that it would take this long to fight over a road that has always been used by my family to access our property/family home. My Name is Erin Wright, I was born May 15,1979 in Fort Riley Kanas,delivered by a korean over Texas soil. Why do I think its important to make that known, you ask? Because the soil was brought to my mother and father by my grandparents to be place under the delivery table,the very dirt came from my father's home in McFaddin Texas. I think that was the start of my love of Mcfaddin. I might not be related to the ones who's names graciously outline history books pages as Victoria county's finest, or mover and shakers, But I'm related to the ones that helped those people succeed to who they are today. Nope not related to Captain James Alfred McFaddin civil war veteran, prominent cattlemen in Refugio County that started ranching fork of the Gruadalupe and San Antonio rivers in Victoria County 1876. He's also famous for bringing St. Louis, Brownsville, and Mexico railway in established station but changed the name from McFaddin to Marianna. During that time a post office, western union station, Wells Fargo office, And general store where the McFaddin's operated. Nor was I related to Captain McFaddin's son Allen Minor McFaddin who changed the name of the town back to McFaddin, and built levees across the old San Antonio River, hence changing the course of the river causing flooding to the small established black communities on the river bottom and yet he was applauded for making it easier to irrigate his cotton crops. What isn't said in 300 years of Victoria County or the Handbook of Texas online is he did it out of hate and unadulterated malice. He didn't like the idea that some of his own freed slaves was given the property from the government as part as the 40 acres and a mule for freed slaves to start a new. He tried getting them to sell their property to him and when that failed he built the levees while saying if they won't sell or leave then he'll flood them out( FYI that was the polite way of saying it, not going to use exact words it will offend). After the length lawsuit and verdict against A.M. McFaddin County lines between Victoria and Refugio changed and the road that we use at present was the only way to gain access to the properties on the river bottom. Claude McCan is a man I wish I could claim as a relative, his generosity is spoken at great length in our family. He was trustee of McFaddin estate, managed McFaddin Ranch starting in 1924, developed hereford-brahman crossbreeds also known as "McCan Cattle". My grandfather Charles "buck" Wright considered him part of our family, at one time when Buck started working with Sun ray Oil company he would have to walk to the oil wells in the river bottom( known as huff lease) to check the gages. Mr. McCan knowing this gave him one of his horses to keep so he wouldn't have to walk all that way. This started a bond of friendship, trust and respect. After my grandfather married my grandmother(Margaret Drost, lived in McFaddin most of her life, her father and brother ran the blacksmith shop and she worked in the fields with the rest of her siblings) He purchased some of the river bottom property acre by acre. The road happens to go through Claude McCan's property by the old polo field. Since my grandparents had such great respect for him and grateful to his hospitality and generosity of the past they kept up the fence lines, mowed his fields, and picked up trash ect. If at any point my grandparents thought the road that leads to the house they built would ever find its self landlocked, I know my grandparents wouldn't have built their home or operated their ranch or much less purchase the land. My grandparents might not have been educated but they had common sense. 2002 was a dark year for my grandmother,aunt, and other land owners partied to the first lawsuit, they never ever thought they would lose access because they have always used that road to their properties. Never once did they think it could happen to them, but it did. They were told it is illegal to landlocked someone property, but yet again it happened. For 3 1/2 years(9 years for grandmother,aunt and other landowner's fighting there rights for access) I have researched deeds,maps,old family movies, and talked to the people that grew up in McFaddin about our only access. I have gone to court 4 times in order to right the wrongs( currently in appeals), I have poured my heart, sweat, blood, and tears in order to make this right. I want to make this right because I come from a long line of respectable labors that did everything in their power to make McFaddin into a success. I fight because our ranch was all our happiness and joys of memories past and I fight because I want to share my heritage, love of the land, and create new memories for future generations to come. New question Do you think its right to land lock people from there homes even though they have always used the access for over 90 years? Do you think it's safe to use the river as you're only means to getting to property and continue a working ranch? Would you think it's right to ferry your children,family, members, and supplies in a boat to get to property everyday leaving your own vehicle under unsecured bridge? If you answered "NO" to any of the asked questions, I'm asking that you please share this story and please support us in this fight in regaining our access. Please let your precinct commissioner know that you are a tax payer and voter, tell them this isn't right and make the road public/county so we can access our property once again! Let them know that the people of Victoria County will no longer support the good old boy network of corruption any longer. Remember the people that inherited property and then locked us out are not the 1% were my family is, if we don't get some type of justice then consider this a warning I'll protest my own way of occupy wall street Texas Style.(sorry had to say) From the Ashes of their destruction the Phoenix will rise again. A promise made, a promise kept,a promise can't ever be broken.