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Image Image I thought I could rectify and help my family with great injustice brought on to them by person's that took them to court over road easement to our property. A road that has been used for more than 80 years and the only access to our house. A Road that states PUBLIC Road all the way to the old san antonio river bed which is the county line between Refugio County which happens to be our property line. Texas roads/back roads, including 911 maps and Texas dot maps say public road not maintained by county( which is fine the road has always been maintained by the oil companies since they are the ones who built it in the first place from being a dirt path to actual gravel road). My family has been accused of destruction of property, disturbing deer hunters, and having wild parties that disturbed the peace and quiet of nature. We have been accused of harassing new inherited owners and crossing boundaries. Yet no proof was ever brought up as evidence to prove their accusations, but we had proof of their destruction of our property by them cutting our fences, harassing us on selling our property to them to take what they called a burden on us trying to run a working ranch. They stopped an ambulance from going down our road and hence wasting valuable time and medical care to my uncle who had a stroke while repairing the very fences those people destroyed. They have cut our locks and chains and gone to our house without permission on numerous occasions and destroyed our belongings that we couldn't get out in time during the last flood. We tried to seek justice and yet were denied the very enjoyment of our land and we were told to just sell our property for 1/4 of its worth to those greedy ass hats and buy some other piece property somewhere else and be done with it. You can't put a price of memories past or take away the enjoyments of future generations to share in those memories of your ancestors triumphs in the making of the american dream. From growing up in the very town they worked hard to help flourish the income now of the inherited by doing every little job they themselves would never do. Knowing that if it wasn't for my grandmother,her father,stepmother, and her siblings and everyone else that worked in that town running the mill and picking crops trying to earn whatever they could to survive and to help there employers and there descendants money and with names they could be proud of and respected by the community. What of the people that made that possible? Is it their rights also to have that same respect by our ancestors for what they done for them? Is it not our rights to have the very access and only access to property and house and restore the ranch to what it was? Is it not our rights to enjoy our property and the fruits of our labor for the next generations to come? Is It really expected of us to use access of the river to keep a working ranch going even if we don't have access to the river? I was told from the beginning I had a long road ahead of us to fight this, but I always believed in the justice system and knew lady justice was blind and honestly believed justice will finally be served. The only thing I got out of the great justice system of Victoria Texas is this: It doesn't matter if your deed has written easement to the land your family has owned for over 80-90 years and built a house for your family to live in and when that house was destroyed by a fire and rebuilding another house on site to continue the everyday operations of a working ranch and still use the road that has been used and never denied access or even expressed as permissive easement and expressed as a public road on maps of Texas,911 maps and Texas dot maps. A man's words of promises doesn't mean crap in this day and age unless of coursed wittiness but if all the parties that were present at time are now deceased or have some form of dementia. It doesn't matter that during the first case your father was dropped and not given a real reason as to why and then he gets called into active duty to serve our country for operation freedom in Afghanistan thinking all is well only to be denied access when he got back. Why during an injunction hearing october 5,2009 the lawyer representing the person's say he didn't have a reason or written agreement on record as to why my father was dropped but miraculously pulled a "copy" of the original one sided email that supposedly was an agreement but directed only to defendants lawyer and dated a week after my father was deployed, during depositions. The christian lawyer he claimed to be and constantly saying he's really looking after our benefit because he just knew we couldn't afford his attorney fees and court cost and if we just settle out of court and end this by selling our land to his clients for the 1/4th of the price what its worth so we wouldn't be burden by these small issues after every hearing he'd email me with break down cost of his fees,court cost, our attorney fees like empty threats if I didn't back off. Most important lessoned learned lady justice maybe blind but she's deaf and mute when it comes to justice against the good old boy club of victoria texas, they protect there own and forgetting about the very people that helped put them where they are today. Seriously what would you do in this position? Would you sit there roll over pee yourselves in defeat? Or would you give it everything you got and go out in a blaze of glory hoping to find some type of justice without having to sell your soul to devil to right the wrongs those greedy fake christians person's brought upon your family? From the ashes of their destruction the phoenix will rise again. A promise made, a promise kept can never be broken.