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In spirit of halloween I like to share the truly horrific stories of our time. Some just as terrifying as traditional halloween stories on ghost,goblins, trolls,witches and animal sacrifices in the cemeteries. Scarier than the wondering woman of the San Antonio( to many versions to really pick all the rivers) river calling out to her lost children that she drowned in a rage to get back at her lover, when you hear her mournful cries in the night keep close watch over your children for warn she see the children not supervised or caregivers around she'll take them as her own and carry the same fate as her own children, More horrifying than the devil dogs in McFaddin that rise up from the opening in the earth by the cemetery on the full yellow moon on hallow eve to bring back the darkness and demons that prey on young tormented souls,if you happened to see the hell hounds run as fast as you can as they see no difference in good or evil they just want your soul for their masters enjoyment. What possibly could be the scariest most horrifying, terrifying story ever told? What story could possibly cause hair raising, goose bumps and that feeling we are not alone feeling? It's something we as humans do everyday and we can choose to ignore it or choose to except it as "it is what is" or in other words tradition and scared to question or in fear of change. Answer is REALITY! Scary isn't? I get goose bumps just thinking about it( shudders and shakes here). We put our faith and trust in people that we believe that are here for our benefit. They are the ones who are going to look after us and protect us from the big bad world and make us feel save and calm. They are the ones that we vote into office under the assumption that they are here to benefit us and help our society grow. Corrupted cops,teachers,nurses doctors,firemen, counselors (in various expertise), pastors, priest,and nuns. These are the people that we put our trust, inner feelings, and hope during crisis or fill our minds with knowledge. But yet it's a reality that most abuse the privileges they are given and earned and use it for their own selfish and greedy needs without a thought care in the world about the consequences of there actions or taking the responsibility of there actions and blame it on whoever is on tail end of the totem pole. Instead of owning up to actions made in our government, they choose to distract everyone from the real problems in hopes that the real issues would rectify themselves out or simply disappear in oblivion without a second thought ( has anyone else seen California is cracking down on cooking oil and grease thieves? My point exactly) until its made into some conspiracy theory and then they'll make a reality TV show about it. I understand not all groups are bad and maybe they are genuinely looking out for our best interest in the long run but how many controversies does it take for anyone open their eyes and realize your being screwed in the long run ( think health reform,politics , etc.). We can choose to continue in our own little world with delusional thinking everything is absolutely perfect with no worries or cares about economic issues because we have a money tree in the backyard by the wishing well thats surrounded by dancing fairies and mystical creatures, or we can choose to wake up open our eyes and realize things need to change for the better with the first step in getting rid of the corrupted officials or anyone else that abuses their profession with helping others in your own home town/state and slowly but surly others will follow from example. Here's your reality check brought to you by a riddle. What does everyone have in common that's not prejudice against nothing? Doesn't see any difference if your white,black,brown ect. Doesn't care about ethnicity or heritage, doesn't give a rats ass if your rich,poor, or middle class. Doesn't see sexual orientation as a problem,doesn't see political views, doesn't car if your young or old. Doesn't care about disease,Most fear it at first then welcomes it at the end?

Have a safe and happy halloween