Wether you are enlisted as marine, army, navy, Air Force, coast guard, national guards, enlisted as active duty, reservist, or volunteer, war knows no difference, Our soldiers witnessed human nature at its worse, not one veteran is the same but they share same experiences in different phases. There stories of the unimaginable experiences, and unspeakable courage in witnessing horrors of combat, watching fellow soldiers die from insurgent attacks, road side bombs, accidents, and friendly fire.. Being reminded on a daily bases that to the enemy, you are nothing, your just a walking target that has to be taken out. they don't care that you are someones child, mother, father, brother, sister, or grandparent. They do not care of race, gender, sexual orientation, religious, or atheist. being poor, middle, or rich, will not cross there minds as they destroy fellow comrades. to them every person that represents the united states of america are all the same,the enemy. our soldiers live in fear of the unknowns, or with thoughts of how they will return home, safe? injured? or in a box? strength, courage, nobility , outstanding pride on the outside, but its what they have to hide on the inside that has lasting effect on their psyche. what they can't block from there minds in order to erase those traumatic experiences, turn to legal/illegal drugs and alcohol, they spend the rest of their lives avoiding triggers that could take them back to what many soldiers claim as hell. This is the very reason why i needed to help my best friend. he came home with the notion that all was well with his family, only to find out otherwise. He was broken mentally, physically, and emotionally. his wife left him the moment he came home from Afghanistan. He was faced with trying to adjust to civilian life, and new dilemma of raising 5 children on his own. He needed help,stability, a place to stay with his children to call home, with available resources to help them with health care, mental health etc. based on information provided by operations Homefront website under the" about" this is what I read( see below)

MISSION: Operation Homefront (OH) provides emergency financial and other assistance to the families of our service members and wounded warriors.

VISION: Through generous, widespread public support and a collaborative team of exceptional staff and volunteers, we aspire to become the provider of choice for emergency financial and other assistance to the families of our service members and wounded warriors. Where there is a need we do not provide, we will partner with others for the benefit of our military families.

VALUES: - Honor Patriotism and Service to Country: We believe those who wear our country's uniform do so with a sense of duty, knowing they support the causes of freedom. We serve by serving them and their families.

  • Do What's Right: We are committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct in all that we do. We believe that honesty and integrity engender trust, which is the cornerstone of providing our services. We are careful stewards of the resources provided by our donors. We strive to be good citizens and we take responsibility for our actions.

  • Respect Others: We recognize that our success as an enterprise depends on the talent, skills and expertise of our people and our ability to function as a tightly integrated team. We appreciate our diversity and believe that respect - for our colleagues, clients, partners, and all those with whom we interact - is an essential element of all positive and productive relationships.

  • Perform With Excellence: We understand the importance of our mission and the trust our clients and donors place in us. With this in mind, we strive to excel in every aspect of our activities and approach every challenge with a determination to succeed.

KEY SERVICES: Operation Homefront provides direct services to alleviate a military family’s or individual’s actual/complete emergency financial burden, as well as counseling and/or recovery support. Emergency financial assistance is in the form of checks paid directly to mortgage lenders, auto mechanics, contractors, hospitals, doctors, dentists and other providers. Other emergency funding assistance, which an applicant receives within 24 to 72 hours, includes the following: Financial assistance Emergency food Emergency home repairs Critical baby items: formula, food and diapers Home and appliance repair Furniture and household items Local moving assistance Community events Wounded Warrior Transitional Family Housing Operation Homefront is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, and has evolved into a major nonprofit. The target population is American military personnel and/or their families who have unmet needs due to financial hardship, death, injury, or physical or mental detriment as a result of service in Iraq or Afghanistan. These may include active duty, Reserve, National Guard and veteran members.

After reading above statement, I felt certain and positive that this organization could help or at least point him into the right direction to get assistance for him and his children. Best part he knew someone that has helped him the past, that worked for OH village. Remember the saying if it sounds to good to be true, then most likely it isn't? Yep awesome advice! what turned out to be such a good thing turned into a nightmare by social workers, who were in charge of helping, encouraging, and ultimately succeed in accomplishing operations Homefront terms and conditions and be able to own his own home. down below is a full detail account of the operation home fronts experience. For an organization that builds its self on helping veterans with their needs, physically, emotionally, mentally, they are quick to judge and disrespect our veterans and families of veterans. in sharing my experience, I hope to get answers to questions that the San antonio offices have done a bang up job in not answering or following through on there promises to our veterans. how quickly they turn there backs on a veteran during a crisis is a direct contradiction of there mission statement. The information provided is factual and backed up by evidence to prove factual information. I want to be clear, that I do believe this is a great organization and has potential to succeed, But this organization needs people that are truly committed in serving our military, knowledgable in update resource/information for veterans, needs to be fully honest to those they are helping, be held accountable for giving misinformation, know/understand job/organization and limits to what can/cannot be done within the scope of organization services. do not make promises that can't be kept. realize not all veterans/families are the same, some need more help than others and vice versa. keep veteran/families informed with terms and conditions to fulfill obligations to operation home front. Answer questions to the best of abilities, if it can't be answered, don't know the answer, don't guess, lie, make something up, avoid question by changing subject( or point behind them, turn around, then proceed to run away screaming) ,if you don't know answer, not understanding context of question, distracted mid sentence, or confused on how to explain context of question, look it up, ask someone who might know, Do Not by any means tell any veteran or their families what you assume they want to hear in order to avoid conflict or looking like a total dumbass in front of them. They get enough lies from politics, organizations that pretend to help( hack, hack, points to operation home front, and government that, "support" there troops, only to screw them in the end from many benefits..... There's nothing wrong in not knowing an answer or exactly know how to help some veterans, we're human, we make mistakes. We should be learning from past mistakes, not repeating them over and over, that's just pure laziness and not correcting the obvious. Common sense can go along way, if persons actually apply it every once in awhile), then get back to person asking question ASAP!!! If veteran/family request lease agreements/or some forms that are needed( example- signed power of attorney in personal affair incase they are unable to do things themselves), as long as they provide the legal documentation showing legal statues as power of attorney, give them the information needed, don't make this any harder than it needs to. do not go behind the backs of the families this organization is helping and share personal information about the family to anyone!!( especially when it comes down to purposely trying to find as many violation in order to evict the family for whatever reason, deemed fit to your own personal justifications to evict veteran and family. COMMUNICATION, this is a big issue for me and nothing ticks me to no end is the lack of communication or the inability to respond to emails, return phone calls etc. needs organization with everyone that works or volunteers as well as being on the same page and not vary from the purpose of the organizations services.
2 weeks of filling out application, he was told nothing of his obligations to the house until after he signed and publicity stunt were finished. Before all of this he told them he was already in financial crisis, he was about to lose his truck to repo because he couldn't make payments, he was told that he wouldn't have to put money down right away or change utilities over to his name until he got caught up with his other bills, he was told that OH would help him find pediatric psychiatrists and counseling services for the children. His assigned social worker made comments that she's never gave anyone a house this quickly before and felt rushed with everything. That's when he found out he would have to come up with 500.00 for deposit, change utilities into his name plus deposits for those connections, trash collections etc. for a person who was already in financial crisis and endanger of having his truck repo, unable to afford his and kids medications , counseling services, and groceries, he told them he couldn't do it, there was no way. Instead allowing him to back out until he was fully able to fulfill obligations to operation home front, they told him not to worry they will help him out and help him with his finances through financial counseling, which again never happened. When the children and him moved into the home they did not have furniture or appliances for house. Operation home front social worker told veteran that furniture was being donated to him for house and it would be delivered to the house that same week, again didn't happen and he was given excuse after excuse, my personal favorite was the driver of delivering company was in a bad wreck on his way to deliver the furniture, Veteran asked if the furniture was damaged in the wreck( he did ask about drivers condition prior to asking about furniture) she said no and still didn't give explanation what happened to furniture. Then she said furniture was delayed due to a hurricane that was churning on the opposite side of where the furniture was supposedly coming from. After 2 months of having no furniture for him, I got a couch for his home( thanks to my cousin michelle & her husband scott) and told social worker I had a bed frame he could have but I didn't have mattress for the bed and it was king size. She then told him to go to Ashely's furniture and pick out a mattress and send her information on mattress and operation home front would pay for it. Again nothing came of it from operation home front or Social worker and she started with never ending excuses. by End of November he finally got furniture for house. When veteran moved into the house he was told to walk through house and note any damages and things needed to be fixed and she would send someone over to fix whatever needed to be fixed, he filled it out and submitted to OH. month later she sent email asking why he hasn't turned in the damages log, he told her he gave it to her already but he will send her another copy, couple weeks later she repeated again that she didn't get it, again he sent her another copy. veteran ended up fixing the damages from damage sheet which he has turned in on 3 different occasions( master bath toilet doesn't flush unless jiggle handle to fill tank with water, then it'll flush(fixed problem month ago) 3 doors in house did not have pin in hinges( fixed 2 weeks after moving in) minor cosmetic damages weather stripping house, and fixing air conditioner due to not fixed properly, causing dirt and debris coming into unit inside house and clogging vents. Veteran was told to give copies of his service record, award letters from VA following discharge etc. he turned everything in that day to Social worker( made copies for Veteran to have in his records for proof he gave it to her). Once again the cycle with her making accusation that veteran didn't turn in forms in and said his application was incomplete and told him operation home front was about to evict him because of paper not being turned in. Again 3 different times paper work was emailed to her and hand delivered to her( if social worker keeps this up with having to repeat everything 3 times, seriously can act out austin powers movie.) The financial counseling he was suppose to do as his obligations to operation home front once a month did not transpire, there was a constant break down of communication between social workers and financial counselor. In total of him going to financial counseling was 2 times, once in the beginning and January 2013, he's called and emailed social workers every month about the financial counseling and not getting a response from either of them. He took it upon himself to go to USSA and talk with there financial reps and they helped him with planning and budgeting money. He down loaded program onto his lap top to help him budget more accurately. He informed Social worker about the financial counseling at USSA. At first social worker told veteran she would get a waiver and permission for him to continue financial counseling with USSA because it was more reliable than present financial counselor and convenient to go there since it was couple of blocks away from his house and not on other side of town. Again nothing came of this issue/request. the magnitude of the regular incurring problems This veteran has faced with operation home fronts social workers, there lack of organization skills, quick to blame the veterans for every little thing, lack of communications skills with others involved, lying, making excuses lack of follow through and there lack of knowledge for resources for veterans and there families. As with any veteran that has been deployed and witness humanity at its worse, its not uncommon for them to suffer from ptsd, anxiety, depression etc. now multiply that by 10, due to wife leaving him the moment walking in door from deployment to be with guy she had affair with, leaving 6 kids, all have some type mental disorders that was caused by and directly by their mother's neglect & abuse while veteran was deployed to Afghanistan( what's worse is several family members knew what was going on with children and did nothing to help them or report it to authorities in fear they would have to take care of kids, yep so quick to witness and put blame of mistreatment but never to quickly to help or save them from mental, physical, emotional, and sexual abuse) because delayed treatments for children, they developed range in mental disorders( RAD,ADHD, defiant disorders, compulsive disorders, narcissistic, apathy, violent rages, abusive towards others, stealing, lying, PTSD, this isn't the complete list since most disorders go into each other), again if one of those witnesses to the abuse, would of done something sooner, a lot of these disorders could have been prevented. Veteran was no different than any other returning soldier, but added with emotional turmoil with family issues, you have time bomb of over abundance of raw emotions waiting to explode. with certain issues counseling and medication is a must for any returning veteran, but do to increase of returning veterans, more cases of ptsd related issues are over flowing most VA offices and the ever revolving physicians coming and going, while they change medications and diagnosis as to say the doctor before they took over was some babbling idiot that clearly didn't know what they were doing( seriously had VA doc tell us this). veteran had surgery on his wrist to correct VAs misdiagnosis which they claimed was tendinitis which later was found out he had non healing scaphoid fracture that started to necroses due to blood supply being cut off from that area. He had open reduction of his right wrist with bone graft taken from his hip instead of his upper forarm because the necrosis was that bad and made it difficult to find healthy tissue for bone graft use. The orthopedic doctor gave him 50/50 chance of bone graft taking otherwise they would amputate his right dominate hand, wrist, forearm to the elbow.(date of surgeryFebruary 20th 2013) Because of his surgery and unable to afford child care for the children and he needed help with the house and every day life, I started to stay with him more than my usual coming up from Victoria every other week to help him and children, the psychiatrist at the VA decided to take him off his medications for his moods, anxiety, panic attacks, and PTSD, stating he wanted to start over with medications in another month. I helped veteran with cooking, cleaning the house, took and pick up kids from school, made sure they got to there appointments, had some of the counselors come to the house for the kids therapies, I did the grocery shopping, made sure the kids and Veteran's meds were organized pill boxes every week, made sure they had their prescriptions filled when meds were close to being empty. I took off from nursing in order to help veteran effectively and to continue with my other responsibilities.Because of this I was forced to sign lease and then social worker accused him of lying and said he violate the rules to lease agreement, I complied with the social worker's demands in fear they would kick Veteran and his children out of house rendering them homeless and back to were they started. Then he got another violation in lease agreement due missed payment in march( one day late) and he was fined outrages amount he had to pay in cash and in full or they would kick him and kids out. psychiatrist at the VA decided to take him off his medications for his moods, anxiety, panic attacks, and PTSD, stating he wanted to start over with medications in another month. .March was the last time he talked or had anything to do with social workers as they stopped coming around and checking up on family. veteran and children were in active counseling through care bexars and they put Veteran into contact with another social worker for veterans children's behavioral issues related to parents long deployments and actively doing research on issues associated with the prolong deployments by one or both service members parents. She was god send and helped veteran greatly with the children, providing resources and put together a wrap around meetings among children's teachers, counselors, Cps, operation home front social workers. purpose of wrap around meetings is to help each other come together with resources to help this family out, brain storm ideas etc. social workers from operation home front did not actively participate in wrap around meeting, instead they delegated tasks to others taking themselves out of the picture. Wrap around meetings are a very important learning tool and proven to help those that need help bring resources, to help families in crisis, but if the goals of wrap around meetings aren't utilized and persons presents( not the intended person who's asking for help) are blaming everyone else instead of following or facilitating subjects discussed, then it's just one giant pissing contest on who's to blame. While I'm on the subject, if absent "parent", (mother),use that term loosely considering, claims that the other parent( veteran/father) kidnapped children from there care, and it's been close to 2 years since the last time of actual contact with children other than forced visitations, if accused parent has signed child custody papers, with your signature filed in court, accepted by the court as factual, it's not kidnapping. Seriously people use common sense, not that difficult to see the facts!! It's not like a pastor stole veterans dog, kept it for a month, took dog on road trips, all the while had full knowledge of person responsible for dog, actively looking for the dog, and being told by the pastor he hasn't seen the dog, all the while the dog is sitting in pastor house, but of course pastor says its not stealing if he told veteran a month later he had the dog.......seriously? How in the hell does that not constitute as stealing? That's like walking into your neighbors house, taking something that doesn't belong to you, then waiting a month then telling another family member by the way, remember that object that's been missing for awhile now, and told so an so, they didn't have it but really they did, haha jokes on you!! By the way since they told you a month later, it's not stealing( this really happened, I just wanted to point out the stupidity some people go to at lengths to convince themselves they didn't do anything immoral, using a statues " pastor" doesn't exclude the many wrongs you have caused, it didn't work for catholic priest, not going to work for you)..... Veteran was taken off his medications to help with his PTSD, depression, anxiety, by the VA doctors, his behavior rapidly changed from fun loving,easy going, loving father, and responsible person to easily agitated, quick to anger, restless, giving up, and not the person I knew that put his children first guy. I didn't know this person who was standing in front of me, he became a stranger in my eyes. The children too started to act out more getting in trouble at school, harming animals, themselves, and each other, Reported theories on the children's decline possibly due to feeling Veteran tension and feeding off of his problems, then in return veteran would get annoyed, angry, and agitated with the kids destructive behavior. Hence a vicious cycle of repeated behaviors that were difficult to control. I called crisis help line a number of times trying to seek help for the children but was always told children were only borderline crisis, this response was given to me after explained the present situation. Called Veteran's psychiatrist at the VA telling him what was going on with Veteran and his behaviors and seeking help for him. those calls went unanswered. when I finally got through to talk with the doctor, prescribed him anxiety meds but did not see or evaluate him, instead said make appointment following month. This did little to nothing in helping with his behavior. Same with children, there psychiatrist kept upping, lowering, and change their meds and it did very little to help with there behavior. I called and emailed his social worker from operation homefront trying to see if they knew or could help me with this situation, theses issues were not addressed or answered. day of incident, Veteran was restless, sleep deprived due to panic attacks and nightmares and already agitated. Under other circumstances i could defuse situation and bring veteran back into reality, this time I couldn't calm him down.This incident could of been completely preventable if he was still taking his meds before the VA doctor took him off, it was completely obvious, he needed more help with children's behavior issues and someone who would actually took the time to really listen to the problems and had more reliable and available resources to help him and the children. I was put into a position I couldn't control and i didn't have whole lot of options to choose from either. Due to veteran unable to handle certain obligations and children sent to live with grandparents, while he recuperated, and with the uncertainty of what will happen with house, due to OH social workers not responding to msgs. I was shocked Veteran neighbor came to tell me that I had 3 days to pack up house and vacate the premises because he was told by Cps social worker that veteran's social worker from OH, told her that they would be taking the house back and they can do this without warning because they do not have to go by Texas laws on leasing agents/renter/landlords rules on eviction. Now how is it that 2 people that have absolutely nothing to do with operation Homefront get call backs from veterans social worker, when she doesn't respond to my calls and emails pertaining to current situation involving Veteran and the children. Then another shocker I was told that OH social workers were going to look and find violations at the house Bank of America donated to veteran , and it didn't matter how small or trivial of allegations they were, they will write it up until veteran accumulates enough violations in order to get him evicted from program. Again why are the socials workers telling everyone but the people that needed the help and wanted/needed answers? It took close to 2 weeks after the kids were taken that OH social workers decided to call me back, they asked what was veterans plan for the house, there lack of concern for veteran and children is something I got use to and expected from them. I asked them if it would be okay since veteran gave me power of attorney over his affairs and I would be willing to fulfill his obligations to operation home front, so when veteran was stable enough would have a place to go because he didn't have any family living in Texas except me. I asked them both for copy of lease agreement and if they could please go over the obligations, terms, and conditions veteran has to follow, they told me just make the payment and not be late, they had no problem allowing me to help veteran with his obligations, that's the last time I ever spoke or got a response from OH. They never gave me copy of lease agreement, they didn't go over obligations, terms, or conditions that had to be followed, and what's expected of me to accomplish set tasks. When I had questions I would call or email social worker and she did not reply or return calls. Asked her if I needed to do the financial counseling standing in for veteran again she didn't respond. July 29,2013, I went to San Antonio to check up on the house and get Matt's mail, imagine my surprise when I saw a letter from operation home front informing veteran of his eviction, he had 30 days to vacate the property, the date on the noticed was June 28,2013, but post marked July 26,2013, according to notice veteran should of been gone the day before I checked his mail. Looking at the supposed violations veteran committed were trivial and minor, once again the things I was told about operations home fronts social workers was true. reading over the violations and noticed that certain dates were not accurate and fabricated. The very last violation they accused veteran of breaking, was yard maintenance. I hired local lawn service to mow the yard every other week, with payment of $35.00. The owner of yard service called me, highly ticked off that I didn't inform him that I hired another lawn care service. I was taken aback by his statement because I didn't hire another lawn service. After talking things out we assumed that the lawn service got confused and mowed the wrong lawn. I didn't think much of it until I came back to San Antonio to check up on the house and some kid stopped me as I was walking into house and proceeded to tell me operation home front hired him to mow the yard, I told him I already hired a lawn service and didn't need his services. After saying that, I felt guilty, because if operation home front to the time to hire someone to mow veteran's yard, I should accept there services. I asked him who do I pay the lawn service, operation home front or him. He called the women who hired him and asked her my question and I was told not worry about it, operation home front was taking care of it. At that moment I started to think maybe veterans social worker wasn't all bad, and maybe I can look past all the negative things that has happen, and look at the organization in a more positive way. Until I saw that violation, it reinforced my views and past experience with the 2 operation home front social workers. How can operation home front stand behind there own mission statement, if they, themselves can't practice what they preach. How can they expect veterans to follow the values they, themselves can't follow. How can they claim to stand behind our veterans 100% in moment of crisis, when its clear they don't. The one time they had a chance to redeem themselves in our eyes and give a veteran hope while he's down on his luck and could use the support and moral from this organization, instead they continually kick this veteran while he's down, Why put down contact information in order to get in touch with a person that has never answers their phones, return calls, or emails!! Considering the situation, you would think this was a good time to answer, return messages, respond to emails right?