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The South Texas Blood & Tissue Center (STBTC) has always embraced the idea of recycling life through blood donation. But starting Wednesday, Oct. 6, we’re taking recycling to the next level.

As part of STBTC’s emphasis on being more eco-friendly donors will no longer receive their cholesterol letter via mail. Instead, after each donation, the donor’s post donation instruction pamphlet will have a specific donor number (called STBTC Number) and instructions on where to call to receive their cholesterol information. To access your cholesterol results, please call 888-566-9600. Your information should be available five working days after your donation.

Additionally, STBTC is making efforts to contact you the way you prefer to be contacted when it’s time for your next donation. STBTC will be sending our donors a Happy Birthday e-mail soon. The message will ask you to update your contact information so we can reach you at your convenience.

We hope our donors will join us in our efforts in making more eco-friendly choices because taking these small steps makes a big difference.