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In San Antonio, the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center (STBTC) honored Gerald Perkins for donating more than 100 gallons of lifesaving blood. Perkins also holds the STBTC record for most donations.

A crowd, including STBTC President/ CEO and Medical Director Dr. Kevin Land, gathered to applaud his service and present him a plaque for his numerous donations. The plaque was presented by an STBTC employee who has been scheduling his donations for the past 17 years.

Every two weeks, Perkins comes to the blood center to donate platelets. He is a familiar, friendly face in the Apheresis Center at STBTC where the staff enjoys and appreciates the soft-spoken gentleman who loves the idea of helping save lives. When his donation is over, Perkins goes home – feeling good, knowing that his contribution could save from one to three lives.

Perkins started donating blood in the Army in 1951. When he retired from the Army and became a postal carrier, he ran the blood drives at his post office for 18 years. Many years ago, he began a blood drive at his church that continues today.

Perkins views blood donations as his community service commitment, his most gratifying pastime and it honors the legacy of his parents, who taught him by example to give of himself and to take care of others.

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