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March 25th will kick off South Texas’ participation in the National Cesar Chavez Blood Drive Challenge. The South Texas Blood & Tissue Center (STBTC) will be the beneficiary of student efforts in 10 South Texas colleges and universities, including Victoria College.

As part of its mission to promote cultural and educational awareness within the Hispanic/Latin population, the Latin American Student Organization (LASO) at Victoria College is competing in the national challenge to bring attention to the need for more Hispanic blood donors.

This blood drive, along with STBTC’s Donar Sangre es Donar Vida campaign, is helping to educate the minority community about how vital they are to the blood supply. *Because type O blood is common among Hispanics/Latinos, they can save even more lives when they donate blood. O negative donors, or “universal” donors, can give blood to any patient regardless of their blood type. O positive blood, on the other hand, can be donated to patients of four other blood types.

This year, the challenge organizers strive for a goal of 15,000 registered donors at 150 colleges and universities across the country. Last year, 113 schools participated bringing in more than 10,000 donors, nearly 3,000 of them donating blood for the first time in their lives.

Help Victoria College place as one of the top schools in this national challenge by donating blood:

Victoria College Thursday, March 31st 10am – 4pm In the Students Activities Building

Click here for the 2011 list of participating schools in the STBTC services area.

Si Se Puede!

*Statistics gathered from a study by the University of Texas at Galveston, 2007.