Blogs » Droppings » Galveston Six Months after the Storm


Made a run to Galveston yesterday as the Nurse wanted to survey the storm damage. There were a few debris piles hither and yon after we crossed the bridge but nothing spectacular. Once on the island the bleakness set it. The large live oaks that line the boulevard that 45 turns into are mostly denuded and one in a dozen looks like it might survive. The palms seemed a bit burned but their reputation as "hurricane proof" holds up. Turning on to the seawall there were a smattering of closed businesses and debris but most looked good to go and open for business. The crowds were heavy and a few folks were even braving the surf in the high wind...looked about like always driving down the seawall until we realized what was gone. Hotels, shops, vendors on the water: simply gone. Pilings in a spot or two remain but the beach is sand and surf and a strip mall no more. We headed west to the edge of town and then circled over a block from the causeway to head back and it was then that the vestiges of Ike were to the fore. Block after block of debris and vacant apartments and houses. Giant shiny hotels that gleamed on the seawall were covered by scaffolding and blue tarps on their bay sides. The effect was like a Hollywood movie set: realistic facades without substance. Don't look at that man behind the curtain.

We headed over to the Strand and the district itself has mended nicely but blocks of old frame housing which are battered, boarded up, and desolate are seen as you drive to where the cruise ships load. The dead trees throughout the neighborhoods complete the "this is how the world ends" ambiance.

Galveston has put on a brave face but is still gravely injured. God help those people.

There is still so much to be done.