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Of course it's unofficial, but the experienced a first today.

That's right, blogger xxenxxen posted a blog seeking a date. "Looking for single men ... 30-year-old female. Are there still some men in the world who are too busy to go to bars to meet available women, or who don't really enjoy the bar scene all that much.. and, instead look for that rare occasion. Well this is it.. ....."

That in itself is not so interesting. A lot of men and women turn to dating web sites to find dates, or mates. And as a single man, I admit that it didn't much bother me. The post may have even piqued my attention, wink, wink.

But we believe it's the first time a blogger used our site as a dating service.

Some readers let us know, too. This is a news site, one said. She's so shameless, another said. Most said that type of a blog post doesn't belong on a newspaper web site.

Well, that's the question, really. What is a newspaper site supposed to be? In this ever-changing multi-media world, we believe that our site should be the No. 1 place to go to find anything you need in the Crossroads Region. Those are lofty ambitions, but we have dedicated people working to do just that. So, maybe we should offer some kind of dating web site. Who knows, maybe there's a huge demand for it.

In the meantime, let me know what you think about: 1.) What should your community newspaper web site be? And, 2.) Is there a demand for some kind of local dating web site?

Thanks for reading.