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Chicago -- I'm  in the Windy City attending the Unity -- Journalists of Color conference. I was selected along with 12 other editors to participate in a leadership summit meeting at this conference.

Today's topic was how we talk about race, centered around/between blacks and whites. An interesting debate started: Should the United States apologize to blacks over slavery?

The Rev. Al Sharpton recently called the Rev. Jesse Jackson out on the carpet for his recent remarks about Barack Obama. Part of the debate centered around responsibility vs. accountability.

That tied back to whether the U.S. should formally apologize. Some in our group said the U.S. should step up and take accountability. Others point to the fact that it's been only 44 years since blacks have had legally sanctioned equality. That's about only one generation. Amazing. Others said there has been precedent, when the U.S. apologized to Japanese Americans for that debacle in WWII. One group member pointed out that Germany is still paying displaced German-Jews from WWII.

I know these are kind of broad topics, but what are your thoughts? As always, thanks for reading, and commenting.