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Chicago -- A main point of discussion today in our Leadership Summit at Unity was how a newspaper thoroughly and accurately covers its community.

One way to cover your community is to make sure you reflect part of that community. Here in Victoria, we have a large percentage of Hispanic population. So a number of our news staff should reflect that. We should also reflect diversity in religion, sexuality and gender, among other things.

But it goes beyond race and ethnicity, though. One obvious way to cover the community is to make sure we know what's going on in it. We do a decent job of that, especially with our ranging reporters, but we can always do a better job.

Community involvement is good. We have owners who are strongly involved in the community. Editor Chris Cobler has made great strides in the community in the year he's been here. I just signed on to serve on my first board. As a newsroom we try to keep the community involved as much as we can. We'll soon debut our reader advisory board (more on that later), and we're always searching for innovative ideas.

It's a tougher challenge than it looks. How do you think we can accurately and thoroughly cover our community? Or, how good of job are we doing? As always, thanks for reading and commenting.