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Chicago -- A lot of discussion this week has centered around the future of newspapers, and what that future will look like. Talk of the newspaper's death has been circulating for some time now.

However, recent struggles in the industry have left people wondering whether that future is now. The major players, companies such as Tribune Co. and Gannet and others, have seen huge decreases in revenue -- in some cases in the 30 percent range. Some media reports indicate 3,500 people at newspapers across the United States have lost their jobs -- just this summer alone.

Web site is even dedicated to the death of newspapers, well at least covering it.

The buzzards are circling -- or are they?

One of the lecturers this week reported that the industry probably will continue a  decline for a few more years. By 2017, newsrooms will be 50-70 percent of what they are today. But then he sees a long period of stability.

Still sounds grim, right? You can look at that way. I, like many others, choose to look at it with a different perspective. What better time is there to be in the industry?

Think about it.

We steer the ship through these rough waters and we come out on the other side. Whatever that other side looks like is the fun part. We will be the ones reshaping the industry and delivering news to you in what could be a fascinating fashion.

And at your local newspaper, the Victoria Advocate, we still will specialize in bringing you the best local news report and happenings in Crossroads region. Some things won't change.