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When I moved down to Texas, I really hoped the legal driving age would be 18. Of course, as you know, it isn't.
But as my son approaches 16, I worry more and more about it and whether I should let him get a driver's license. When I lived in Greeley, CO.,  Weld County consistently led the state in the number of highway fatalities every year. Many of those deaths were teen drivers. Seeing first hand the impacts of those deaths in the stories we reported and wrote was gut wrenching.
Stories like the one we published today don't help, either. We ran a AP story and a local side bar about how car crashes are the leading cause of death for tweens and teens.
Boy, how I wish the legal driving age was 18. I think those extra two years are huge in regards to how much more kids mature and develop. I remember back to the my early driving days. I realize now I wasn't ready to handle the responsibility of driving. I actually earned a speeding ticket the first day I ever drove alone without an adult.
I know there are some kids out there who can handle it. But the truth is, at least in my opinion, most aren't ready.
As a parent, I can make my son wait those two extra years. Will I? I don't know, but it's a conversation worth having.
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