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In September, we asked our readers to rate their favorite comics, from favorite to worst. Our stated goal from the beginning was to inject some new life into the comics pages with reader involvement. We received more than 600 responses.

Comics fans told us they liked our comics (comics page comics) in the following order, listed from favorite to least favorite:

1. Beetle Bailey
2. Blondie
3. Zits
4. Peanuts
5. For Better of For Worse
6. Baby Blues
7. Hi and Lois
8. Hagar the Horrible
9. Garfield
The Wizard of Id
11. The Born Loser
12. Frank and Ernest
13. Frazz
14. Jeff MacNelly's Shoe
15. Cathy
16. Non Sequitur
17. Dilbert
18. Mutts

We then asked comics readers to suggest other comics they might like to see on our pages. Through those answers and some independent research, we came up with the following new comics:

1. Pearls before Swine
2. Get Fuzzy
3. Pickles
4. The Elderberries
5. F Minus
6. Luann
7. Cleats
8. Baldo

We are now testing those new comics on our comics pages through Dec. 6. We put the lowest-ranked eight comics, according to our readers, on temporary hiatus.

We'll bring back the eight currently on hiatus starting on Dec. 8.

The next step in the process, though, is a comics face-off starting on Dec. 15, in which we'll pit the eight least-favorite ranked comics against the eight new ones. The face-off will be a "Survivor" like contest. We'll face off two old comics and two new comics each week for four weeks. You'll get a chance to vote on which comics stay on the comics pages.
Again, thanks for your comments. Please let me know if I can answer any further questions.