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Next Sunday (April 26) we bring you another installment, the 12th, of our top-notch series, the Fatal Funnel.

Reporter Gabe Semenza highlights three people who had the power to open those suffocating trailer doors and maybe save 19 lives. For whatever reason, each chose not to.

This installment also features some more original artwork by the talented Mr. Zavala, that's Robert Zavala, our multi-media editor.

Photo editor Frank Tilley captures more telling photos and gives you a bonus video to chew on. And presentation editor Kimiko Fieg pulls it all together for you in another compelling design.

Really, the dedication of the Fatal Funnel team, who along with those mentioned here also include photographer T.C. Baker and video editor Bill Clough, is truly amazing. These hard-working journalists have been hammering away on this series for more than a year.

Regardless of whether you agree with the subject matter, you should take the time and appreciate the magnitude of a project like this. Not many news organizations devote the time and energy to projects any more.

But here we are heading into the home stretch of the Fatal Funnel.

After this 12th installment, only three more remain.

As we joked in the newsroom the other day, there is light at the end of the funnel. But, we fully expect the final installments of this series to be as riveting and strong as any of the others.

As always, thanks for reading.