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Here in the newsroom we're working on various stories this week.

For Tuesday, we're looking at covering the crime victims ceremony for our main package on A1. Other A1 possibilities include coverage of the special Victoria city council meeting, the League of Women Voters forum and a local angle on the Swine Flu.

We're also taking a look at the future of the zoo now that it has decided to sell its land in South Victoria. At one time, the local zoo had grand expansion plans. What does the land sale mean for it now?

For our main story on B1, we have a feature on a couple of Goliad silversmiths: Here is a tease to that story: As a kid, Carlton Greathouse collected arrowheads, petrified dinosaur bones and fossils.

His business partner and friend Patty Loest grew up collecting rocks of all kinds. "My daddy said I ruined every washing machine they ever had with rocks," said Loest, 65, as she laughed.

In February, they put their passions and talents together and opened up a silversmith shop in Goliad called Whirlwind Enterprises.

For Wednesday, our centerpiece story on A1 will be the No. 8 Most Powerful person, the third in that series. Our B1 centerpiece will be the April Advocate of the month, a feature on Yoakum's David Barnes.

Please let us know what you think about these stories or if you have tips or suggestions on any others.


Thomas Martinez