Blogs » Easy writer » Saving a (dog's) life?


So, public service editor Gabe Semenza and I were out chasing the severe weather when we came across something unusual.

Or maybe not.

We were trying to get a video shot of the Guadalupe River off of Fox Road when it happened. Someone in a old Ford 150 truck threw a dog out the door and took off. This was in the middle of a torrential downpour.

The dog came running toward us and started howling. In between howls it would run circles around us, wagging its tail. We could tell by how it was behaving that it was a friendly dog. Neither one of us felt we could just leave it there in that bad weather by itself, abandoned. So we took it with us. We both have three dogs each so neither of us can afford to take on another dog. But we're going to tag-team ownership of the dog until we can find it a good home.


If you or someone you know wants a friendly as all being dog, e-mail us and let us know.

We'll hook you up.


Thomas Martinez

P.S. It's temporary name is watchdog.