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Hello. Happy hump day.

We have a solid lineup for Thursday's paper. Our A1 centerpiece will be a story about the new Brackenridge Event Center in Edna. As of right now, we have two other strong news stories to round out A1. The first is a story on city officials being subpoenaed to testify before a grand jury later this week; the other A1 story will be about the swine flu: With news that New Braunfels closed its high school until May 11 and other school districts in the state closing schools because of the flu, what are local districts doing in the Crossroads? What are their contingency plans? Who would make the call to close the district here, and for how long?

Our B1 centerpiece will be Character of the Crossroads feature on Goliad silversmiths. Here is a tease to that story: As a kid, Carlton Greathouse collected arrowheads, petrified dinosaur bones and fossils.

His business partner and friend Patty Loest grew up collecting rocks of all kinds. "My daddy said I ruined every washing machine they ever had with rocks," said Loest, 65, as she laughed.

In February, they put their passions and talents together and opened up a silversmith shop in Goliad called Whirlwind Enterprises.

Other stories we're working on: There was another auto-pedestrian accident in Victoria, the second this week; and there was an armed robbery in Victoria on Tuesday. We'll give you all the details.

In sports, we'll advance the big NAIA tournament this week in Victoria, and profile all the teams playing in it, including the hometown Jaguars.

Please let us know what you think about these stories or if you have tips or suggestions on any others. Please remember, breaking news can change these plans.


Thomas Martinez