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I have a torn up knee, and before I consider surgery, the doc says I have to do some PT. In my PT session this morning, my therapist, Mary, says we've been spelling her daughter's name incorrectly in our sports pages. She wasn't offended or mad, but I told her it was inexcusable on our part, and we'll start spelling it correctly.

We handle tens of thousands of words every week. We're bound to get some of them wrong. We don't like it, but it is an unfortunate part of what we do.

And we do take errors seriously. To cut down on errors, we've instituted accuracy checklists and other guidelines. One is, if we make an error, we want to know why it happened. We require everyone involved in the error process to submit a explanation to the top editors that focuses on two things: How the error happened, and what steps we can do in the future to avoid such an error. The goal is to get people to think through their error and use it as an educational tool to avoid the same type of error in the future. Also, it lets us take a look at if procedures were followed, of if there needs to be a tweak in procedures.

We like to correct all of our mistakes, no matter how small or trivial they seem. If we don't have our facts correct, let us know -- and that includes using the correct spelling of names.


Thomas Martinez