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Trials can be hard to cover. Our reporter, Sonny Long, has spent the past week covering the Crystal Ramirez murder trial. If you haven't heard of Crystal Ramirez, well, it's a sad story. She was an 8-year-old girl who was starved to death by her adoptive parents and suffered other abuse as well. She was about 40 pounds when she died.

Sonny Long sat through some of the most gut-wrenching testimony I can remember in my years as a journalist. The details to emerge from that case left many people in tears. As journalists, we're supposed to remain objective. And we do, for the most part, but we still have feelings, emotions. That story sure pulled on the heart-strings.

For Sonny, this is the second emotional trial he's had to cover in recent months. He also covered the murder trial of Justin Hurst, the game warden. That case was a capital murder trial. Here's a little taste of the details of that trial with a video. Click on this link to take you back to a story Sonny filed from that case. The second video is real-life theatrics sure to take your breath away.

So, my hat is off to reporter Sonny Long, who toughed out two very emotional trials in recent months to put you readers there in the courtroom with him.